In the Oven: Our Freshest Bakes

You may now sign up for our July classes!

July will feature those juicy peaces Japan is known for! It’s momo time!

July 16 13:30-15:00

July 17 11-00-12:30 pm 13:30-15:00

July 19 11-00-12:30 pm 13:30-15:00

Some of our delectable Cocofulu & Melissa classes:

Looking back, June was all about the scone! Our June scones featured the best, most juicy seasonal fruit! We baked professional-grade, crispy, fluffy scones that were not dry in the least! Check out this icing, too!

Reserve your spot for the above classes and you’ll be glad you did!

Baking, especially in a class, has shown a slew of recent benefits


April 22 and April 23, we facilitated three classes all devoted to making the lightest and richest matcha/green tea chiffon cake! Our bakers loved it and they even sent us pictures later of their own home-bakes using our recipe!

“Class felt like a small study abroad tea session right here in this neighborhood of Tokyo!”



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