What Our Baking Students Say

We always ask our Cocofulu and Melissa participants to let us know what they love about each class. Please drop a line anytime!

We always ask for feedback, too, so that we can continue to create a better product: a bilingual baking session that is fun, fully engaging,  and high-caliber.

Our classes are designed to put every participant at ease. Women bring their babies and children. Repeat bakers continue to invite friends and make new connections. Our bakers are enthusiastic to learn and instantly USE their new language, whether it be in English or Japanese.




Here are some of their thoughts:

“You explained every step in both English and Japanese! It helped me a lot!”


 “Learning English was not scary like I thought it would be. It was fun! It felt close, attainable.”–translated from Japanese.

“Yummy! I can listen to English while having fun!”–translated from Japanese

“It’s cozy. There are not so many people. There is an at-home feeling.”–translated from Japanese

“I recommend your classes because you can learn baking and also meet people.”

“I love that I can carry my baby while we have lessons!”